About us

The Nat-Sui story originated in 2000 with Natalie's desire to provide herself and  friends with a luxurious range of shoes at an affordable price. From this genesis sprouted a small business idea that has successfully developed a reputation for quality, colour, texture, fun and affordability gathering a loyal following along the way, both here and overseas. Handmade, using real leathers and never compromising on comfort and quality, the end result is a gorgeous product that Natalie hopes will enrich your day by sliding them onto your foot.

Nat-Sui's desire is to further develop our relationship with you, to continue to provide you with product that brightens your day, not just on the day of purchase, but every time you wear a Nat-Sui product or glance at it in your wardrobe.

Despite the successes, Nat-Sui has maintained its boutique appeal, so that every customer can be confident their special piece of Nat-Sui will not be seen in every shopping centre window.

Natalie, a busy mother of four and owner of Lucy, the three legged Beagle, has carefully guided Nat-Sui into a customer driven shopping experience, where your in store experience will surround you with colour, texture and elegance.